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Breitenbach Ridge

Breitenbach Ridge is a new single-family subdivision under development near New Hope Road and Munger Road in Star, ID. The preliminary plan consists of 22 single-family building lots ranging from 0.403 acres to 0.437 acres. Two existing homes will remain at the north of the development on platted lots that will be 3.60 and 3.89 acres, respectively. Breitenbach Ridge will be accessible on the south side of West New Hope Road. The subdivision will also have two stub roads located on the southeast and southwest edge of the property that will terminate at the property line, possibly extending in the future.

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Breitenbach Ridge Features & Amenities

  • Dwelling Type(s): Single-family detached
  • Proposed amenities include a covered picnic area with a barbeque in the northeast common lot. In the northwest common lot, the applicant proposes a couple of picnic tables and a 10-foot paved pathway along the north of the property that will be public and connect to the common areas and the sidewalks in the development.
  • Status: Planning/Zoning
  • Qualified open space: 10.88% (2.22 acres)
  • Homesites range from 0.403 acres (17,535 sq ft) to 0.437 acres (19,023 sq ft)
  • Approximately 22 single-family building lots on 20.4 acres

Plat Map

Breitenbach Ridge Subdivision Star Idaho


North of New Hope Rd between Can Ada Rd and Munger Rd - 12250 & 12300 W New Hope Rd, Star, ID 83669.