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Yvonne says: Both my husband and I have been in the real estate business for around 55 combined years... If you are looking for a new home I highly recommend Lisa Kohl to represent you as your agent.


Recent Reviews of We Know Boise Agents in Idaho

My wife and I relocated from Portland, OR to Meridian, ID. We flew in over a weekend needing to purchase a home quickly (2 days), and Lisa delivered with flying colors. Her industry knowledge, professionalism, and anticipation of her clients needs was spot on. I would strongly recommend Lisa for all of your buying and selling needs here in the Treasure Valley area.

~ Drew & Tammy | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

My husband and I are relocating this year from Fairbanks, AK to Caldwell, ID. It is a big move and a big distance. After we made the decision we knew we needed a realtor and I found Lisa Kohl online. It is the single BEST decision we made in the entire process. She has been a miracle and a blessing and we could not have done it without her. Her skill sets made everything work smoothly and she made every effort on her part to minimize any stress on our end as the buyers.

Her top skills include the following: Excellent people person; Top notch communicator (always got back to us; always clear, concise, knowledgeable answers to our questions; always let us know when she would be out of touch and got back to us as soon as possible); extremely well versed in everything Boise related and the area/communities).

I could go on and on, but bottom line, we are so thankful that we found Lisa. We have friends in Alaska who are also planning a future move to ID and we HIGHLY recommend Lisa to them!

~ Joe & Mary | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

After interviewing several realtors, I chose Lisa to market my home sale because of her tenacity and market knowledge. Lisa made the process so easy for me and helped with scheduling repairs while I was out of town. She's available to her clients and very responsive! My home sold for full price in 4 days. I highly recommend working with Lisa!

~ Kim | Lisa Kohl helped me sell a home.

Both my husband and I have been in the real estate business for around 55 combined years. He being a real estate broker and a real estate appraiser and me being an escrow officer. We have bought and sold many homes over the years. So, with that said we know a thing or too about the business. This time was a little different being out of state. We are so happy that we found Lisa Kohl and her very informative web site #weknowboise! Lisa is extremely knowledgeable and is quick to return calls. Started our search in September and after a few visits we found the perfect home in December. Lisa is a great negotiator and the transaction went very smoothly with many thanks to her team member Sarah. If you are looking for a new home I highly recommend Lisa Kohl to represent you as your agent.

~ Yvonne | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

I would highly recommend Lise Kohl and her team from We Know Boise to help facilitate the sale and purchase of anyone’s home. We were very apprehensive to sell our home due to the fact we’ve never done it before. Lisa came in explained the process of selling and subsiquint purchase for us. She spelled out in detail the plan and gave us detailed information to execute. Her team kept us informed at every step of the way, even when we were stressing with process. When we were ready to sell, the team put together a great promotional package and we had 4 parties view our house the first day. Within a few days we had two offers for more than what we were asking. We absolutely would recommend and/or use We Know Boise again. Thanks again Lisa and her team The Hubbards.

~ Michaela & Michael | Lisa Kohl helped me sell a home.

Lisa and her team are the very best we have ever used! Not only are they professional, and get the job done, they are so very thoughtful, and show their gratitude for our business. I recommend her highly and will use Lisa for all our real estate needs.

~ Suzi | Lisa Kohl helped me sell a home.

Sometime after the new year, the wife and I decided we were going to explore Boise. I started snooping around the internet for a realtor and came across weknowboise.com and Lisa Kohl and knew instantaneously that this is who we need if we were to start the process of hoping to purchase a home, so I sent my wife and myself an email on January 19th, 2017 with Lisa's website link.

A few months later, the wife and I went out for our first visit and explored on foot for about 15 hours over two days and fell in luv with a certain neighborhood, so we called Lisa from the airport while waiting to return home and in that conversation realized she was everything I had been in awe about when I found her on weknowboise.com a couple months earlier.

We gave her all our criteria,... all the details... and I will tell you they were as ridiculous as: We don't want a corner lot, to: It must be between certain streets, South of one, while North of another... are you getting the picture yet? I'm a pain in the ass!

Lisa put us on her emailing list and periodically we would get to view new inventory that became available. Maybe a couple months went by and we came out to meet with Lisa and view a few properties. We saw some with potential, but not exactly what we were looking for. Over the next few months we kept checking on the email listings we would receive from Lisa, as she kept her continuity with corresponding with us, which I'm sure is not easy when dealing with nit picky clients over 1,500 miles away.

Needless to say, in July we got a jackpot email from Lisa mid afternoon, she then went over to the property to view it and Skype with us. She knew what we wanted, she found it, and an offer was made that same evening. Inspections went as well as they could for a home over 100 years old. Lisa went to bat for us when it came time for negotiating regarding some of the property's shortcomings, due to age.

From our first conversation to the end of a 30 day escrow, it was a long four to five months, but we got exactly what we wanted for exactly what we were willing to spend. Lisa made that all happen!

She exceeded our expectations during the whole process and went beyond it afterward with many of the things that come with buying a home... especially one of the age that we did.

If you're looking to purchase a home in Boise or any of the surrounding areas, make sure you call Lisa Kohl first. It's all in the name: weknowboise.com

~ Michael & Denise | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

Lisa and her team made my first experience buying property much smoother than it could have been. Being out of state had certain challenges but she was very responsive and helpful with any and all questions I could think of and issues that came up. Definitely recommend.

~ Greg | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

I discovered Lisa after downloading her firm's excellent and honest guide about what it's like to live in Boise. Throughout the summer as I learned the city, she guided me with relevant facts about the neighborhoods, the builders, and the housing market. While I waited for my condo in the Seattle area to be renovated for sale, being retired I had plenty of time to house-hunt on my own, but whenever I found a place that caught my eye, Lisa was there no later than the next day with an appointment to let me in and give her honest opinion of the place.

When I found the perfect place, she had all of the relevant numbers at hand, and we pounced before anybody else knew what happened! And once I had the keys, she gave me all of the information about utilities, etc., that I needed to get comfortable in my new home.

Lisa was a pleasure to work with from start to finish, and I highly recommend her!

~ Ed | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

We found Lisa Kohl and her team after a lot of research, we wanted someone that would know the ins and out of what to watch for especially when buying older homes that needed a little love. We met with her and within a week we had so much to look at. She did a great job finding the specifics we were looking for and more. She is always very responsive and has a positive attitude and great sense of humor. Her team works very hard in the events they put together and we are very proud to have them on our side. I wouldn't go with anyone else!

~ Karen | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

Lisa made our move seamless and took so much stress out of the move for us. We moved from out of state and did almost everything remotely but Lisa answered every question we had or directed us to someone who would. She was always checking in with us, answered calls and emails right away. She really knows Boise and the surrounding area and I felt completely at ease relying on her knowledge and expertise. I was amazed by how easy our transition was and we owe much of that to Lisa.

~ Molly | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

I had a wonderful experience buying my first home with Lisa Kohl and the We Know Boise team. Lisa was thorough, efficient, flexible, and very patient answering all my first-time buyer questions and helping me navigate the real estate process from start to finish. She really knows the local Boise market and has helpful connections from inspectors to contractors to mortgage brokers and lenders. Lisa also has a very positive attitude and really listened to my wants and needs. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the Treasure Valley. She is a pleasure to work with!

~ Laura | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

I've worked with a lot of agents all over the country, and to be frank it's been a bit of a mixed bag, but Lisa Kohl is definitely top tier. It's hard to overstate her abilities and dedication, so I will tell you specifically why I believe this and how she worked with me to sell my home - fast and for a great price.

Preparation - The home I was selling was great, but a little large for the neighborhood, so Lisa helped me in planning exactly what was needed to maximize its value in the eye of the buyer, including repairs, cleaning, curb appeal, staging, timing and pricing.

Timing- Lisa emphasized the importance of timing, and she worked hard to help me keep ahead of a busy preparation schedule so we would hit the market just at the peak selling time.

Marketing- As a licensed contractor and property investor, Lisa knows what sells a house, and she uses that knowledge to get it right. Her eye for detail is phenomenal. Whether it was which rooms needed staging, which window coverings had to go, where paint needed touch-up or the quality of the photographs for the listing, Lisa nailed it.

Pricing- Lisa worked with me right up to the last minute, viewing and even visiting comps, and providing tremendous data so we were both comfortable in pricing the home exactly right for the market as it was at the time,

Results- I accepted an offer that I didn't even have to counter just 10 DAYS after listing. Even more impressive, this house sold for the highest price in EIGHT YEARS of any house in a 400 home neighborhood.

Follow-up - From her first sales contact with me to closing, Lisa followed-up constantly. After it was signed, Lisa continued tracking the contract, both with me and with the buyer, to ensure inspections were done, repairs were made, financing was on track and the buyer was happy, and made sure I knew what was happening every step of the way.

My recommendations are 1. Contract with Lisa to be your selling agent 2. Listen to what she tells you needs to be done to maximize your home's value and make those investments. It was well worth it to me! As summer closes out, that house continues to hold its place for the highest price in the neighborhood in 8 years, while others continue to sit and wait. I give much of the credit for that to Lisa.

~ Cleon | Lisa Kohl helped me sell a home.

We originally met Lisa through a house she was showing. My wife and her clicked right away. Since we had just started getting serious about buying a house, we decided to contact her to be our realtor. We are extremely happy we did.

Lisa is amazing. She is extremely responsive to emails, and is patient with new home owners, and their litany of questions. When you have a question, she probably knows the answer. Her knowledge of real estate AND houses is amazing. An example, is during the walkthrough. I would have questions about what it would take to repair something, and the costs, and she knew off the top of her head.

The inspector was very impressed by her knowledge, saying that most realtors ask him for those answers. She genuinely knows the ins and outs of not only finding and purchasing a house, but also owning the house. That includes upgrades/repairs, taxes, legal documents, everything. We have been very impressed every step of the way.

If you are looking for a house, you can’t do wrong with Lisa. Along with her vast knowledge, she is just a very friendly person. It is easy to talk with her, she’s happy and outgoing, just a pleasure to work with. We are very happy we happened into that property she was selling. If you don’t have a realtor, Lisa is really the best.

~ Kevin & Megan | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

Lisa is one of the best real estate agents I've had the opportunity to work with. I've moved a lot and have bought a lot of homes over the years along with rentals and other investment properties. Lisa is very knowledgeable and is always just a text or a phone call away. She does what she says she's going to do and she always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is lined up and ready to go. I have bought homes in Denver, Seattle, Phoenix and a few in Boise and Lisa is truly one of the best! I would recommend her in a second and actually have on more than one occasion.

~ Jim | Lisa Kohl helped me sell a home.

I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Lisa Kohl and her team at WeKnowBoise. Lisa is very conscientious, attentive and always follows up when she says she will. She takes her job very seriously. We happened upon Lisa 4-years ago when we were going to visit Boise for the first time. My wife did a search for “things to do” and found Lisa’s blog. The blog was very helpful for our first visit. After a couple more visits we determined that Boise could be a place we could see ourselves living.

In 2017, we contacted Lisa and set up an informal meeting. At that time, we had no set time for retirement, but wanted to establish a Boise connection. Lisa was gracious enough to meet and gave us an overview of the neighborhoods and the City. We agreed to keep in touch and returned to South Florida with no real timetable in mind. I reached out to Lisa by phone, mid-year, to let her know that we were planning another trip to Boise in the fall and wanted to meet again. Lisa regularly kept in touch over the months prior to our fall 2018 visit. I sent her examples of homes that we liked. By the time we got into town, Lisa had prepared an itinerary of homes to show us.

We found a home under construction that checked all the boxes and closed on it in December 2018. Lisa and her team kept us informed of the progress and worked closely with the builder and our lender to make the long-distance buying experience as stress-free as possible. Lisa even assisted us in selecting a realtor to sell our Florida home. We could not be more pleased with our new home and our overall experience with Lisa Kohl and her team at WeKnowBoise. Lisa provides the personalized service that goes over and above the typical realtor. I would highly recommend her without any hesitation.

~ Robert | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

We had a wonderful time looking for our new home with Lisa as our knowledgeable expert. From the beginning, Lisa listened to what we were looking for, gave us advice when we really needed it and helped make the trip to closing as painless as possible. In this tight market it was easy to panic a little that we weren't going to find the retirement house of our dreams, but Lisa kept us focused and encouraged us to not settle.

We love our new home and the fact that even after we signed all the papers Lisa was still around to check in with us and see if we needed anything. She was our first visitor!

~ Skip | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

Deciding to sell a home is an emotional experience. In our case, we bought our home thirty years ago from my parents who lived there twelve years before we did. We needed an agent who understood how difficult a decision it was to sell our family home, even though we were ready to downsize and retire outside of Boise. Lisa was the perfect fit. She walked us through all of the steps, always kept us in the loop, helped talk us through the sale and the close and continues to be there for us as we move into our new home. In addition to her visits to our home, Lisa was also available to us by email, text, and phone calls. We always felt that no matter how big or small our question or concern, we had her full attention. We would describe Lisa as professional, efficient, thorough and caring. She is a wonderful agent.

~ Deborah | Lisa Kohl helped me sell a home.

Lisa is an amazing real estate professional. I needed to find a property in Boise on short notice. I happened to find Lisa’s website while looking for a new home and contacted her. After our initial call about what I was looking for, within a week she had lined up five properties that met my needs. She helped find a home within days of arriving in town. From her knowledge of home values in the Boise area, to her extensive contacts, lenders, inspectors, title companies, she is truly a one stop shop. Responsive and candid when contacting her, I think Lisa is the best agent you could hope to find.

~ Melissa & Joseph | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

I decided to enlist Lisa Kohl as my buyer's agent after reading her detailed descriptions of Boise before I arrived here. Her knowledge of the area and realistic appraisal of what life was like in Boise appealed to me, so I traveled here to meet her. She helped me get acquainted with the various neighborhoods in Boise and showed me a few properties based on my specifications.

Because I was retired and was waiting for my condo in Washington State to be renovated and sold, I was able to take my time finding the perfect home. While Lisa was happy to find potential homes for me, I sometimes preferred to go out searching on my own, visiting dozens of open houses and viewing countless houses from curbside. But whenever I wanted to view a house more closely, Lisa arranged a viewing by the next day and gave me her honest opinon of the place. There was never any hint of pressure or impatience as I continued my search thoughout the summer.

When I found the perfect property, Lisa helped me secure it before anyone else knew what happened, which was important in this fast-moving market. The closing was handled quickly and professionally with zero drama, and I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out. Thanks, Lisa!

~ Ed | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

Lisa is one of the best agents that I have had the pleasure to work with. I recently purchased a short sale home with Lisa as my agent. Even though I live in another state the email and text communications were fantastic. All the contracts were electronically delivered....flawless. On the walk through Lisa was as knowledgeable of the home as most great inspectors that I have worked with. She has a keen eye for home details. She quickly jumped on this home for us when the first buyer pulled of the contract and the result was instant equity after the close. I will definitely call her again for my next purchase. 5 Star Agent.

~ Rod | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

I highly recommend Lisa! She was an excellent realtor - she helped us to find and purchase our dream home! If you are looking for an honest, responsive realtor - Lisa is it. She is very knowledgeable of the market and I could not be happier with the entire experience!!

~ Karla | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and has her finger on the pulse of the Boise Market. Her recommendations for preparing turned out to be the key to a quick sale. Her pricing guidance and incite during the sale were invaluable to keeping our home sale on track, on time. She got us a full price offer our second day on the market! We would highly recommend working with Lisa if you are looking to sell a home.

~ Brian & Jenny | Lisa Kohl helped me sell a home.

Lisa was terrific! She is professional, knows the area, and prompt with her return phone calls! Buying a place in Boise when we don't reside there should have been pretty stressful, but Lisa put our minds at ease and help us at every turn! I highly recommend her as an agent!

~ Denise & Steve | Lisa Kohl helped me buy a home.

Not being my first home sale, I did not believe that the choice realtor made much of a difference. But she quickly proved me wrong! She’s to the point but thorough. Lisa was excellent to work with. Excellent marketing and a strong knowledge of the Boise market. She was always available and eager to answer any questions.

~ Roger | Lisa Kohl helped me sell a home.

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