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November, 2015
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What’s Going Up in Downtown Boise

The Downtown Boise skyline is undergoing a continuous change. To the dismay of photographers looking to get the best shot of downtown. Multiple cranes now dot the scene, bringing about exciting new projects. During the recession, like everything else plans and proposals all but ceased to exist. Since then, development has bounced back with a vengeance. In recent years the downtown area has become a hotbed for project proposals and new construction. From new convention spaces to multiple hotels, condos and apartments- there’s a little bit of everything going on. Here are the latest projects and updates on existing ones, going up in and around downtown.

Downtown Boise Newly Announced Developments

Gardner’s Parcel B Office ProjectTwo New Downtown Hotels by the Connector, Gardner

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Boise Christmas Countdown Events 2015

The seasons have officially changed here and now is the time of year that we see a change in decorations around town too! Boise is such a great place to be during the Holiday season and what better way to celebrate that by taking part in some of the Holiday fun around town. There isn’t a better way to kick off the festivities than by grabbing your coat and stopping by many of the Boise events happening soon to help get you in the Holiday spirit.

Boise Holiday Parade 2015 – Downtown Boise

Saturday, November 21st at 9:45am

For almost 70 years, The Holiday Parade is a Boise tradition and a source of pride for our community. Bring the family to this year’s parade to celebrate The Joy Of Giving with Grand Marshal Robert Krueger. The theme of this

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Add Value to Your Home for Under $500

While it’s not necessary, or even feasible, to take on a full-blown remodel, there is still plenty you can do to add value to your home without breaking the bank. Many homeowners think they have to spend a lot of money to see a substantial difference and they really don’t. A couple hundred dollars on a few of the right things could increase the value of your house by thousands of dollars. Most of these at home projects can be completed over a weekend, go a long way toward adding value and all are under $500.

Value Begins at the Front Door

One of single best home improvements to increase the value of your home is a new front door. Despite being one of the best returns on investment, it’s also one of the most overlooked.

I see it all of the

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Boise Idaho Real Estate Market Update October 2015

A change in seasons has not brought a change in the Boise Housing Market. In the first quarter of this year we saw fewer homes for sale than we had seen in the past ten years. Not much has changed. For October and the third quarter of this year we are still seeing available homes for sale at a decade low.

Existing homes for sale are the best way to gauge current home prices and real estate market trends. New construction home prices are much more volatile and tend to exaggerate the numbers, particularly on a month to month basis.

Home Sales

In the Boise, Idaho we saw a total of 362 homes sell. Compared to September of this year, this is a decrease from the 371 homes that were sold. From this exact same time last year, in October of 2014 we

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