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February, 2016
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House Hacking Real Estate

Joe retired from a national technology company at the age of 44. Soon thereafter he spent a year traveling around the world. Europe, the Grand Caymans, Asia and South America.

See, when Joe was 22, he bought a fourplex. He lived in one of the units and rented out the other three. As part of his job, he was frequently transferred. Each time he moved to a new city he bought another fourplex, always keeping the last one and the previous ones he had purchased. By the time Joe was 44 he was a millionaire.

Before I tell you the amazing part, you should know Joe repaired ATMs for a living. He was in no way a jet-set executive. The most he made in any one year was $55,000, including overtime. So how did this average Joe become a millionaire real estate

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Buying a Foreclosed Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

Everything you know about buying a foreclosure is wrong…

Or is it? Perform a basic internet search and most of the information you will find is conflicting and shockingly outdated. Mostly written by people who make a living as writers, with no real experience dealing with actual Boise foreclosures for sale. A look at the facts and the real foreclosure market might surprise you, prepare yourself.

In most parts of the country, home prices seemingly increase by the month. Despite the fact that there are fewer available foreclosures today than there have been in the past few years, there is still very strong interest from buyers considering buying a foreclosure. With the potential to save some hard earned money, it probably doesn’t come as a

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Boise Real Estate Market January 2016

In January 2016 the Boise Real Estate Market saw lower mortgage rates and very few homes for sale. Keep in mind, home sales in January’s are around half what we typically see in an average month. The numbers are always going to be exaggerated. Let’s take a look at the real estate market numbers for Boise, Idaho:

  • The median list price decreased to $195,000
  • The median home price decreased to $194,000
  • Median days on market increased to 33 days
  • Available homes for sale increased to a 1.45 months supply
  • Mortgage rates decreased to 3.79 percent

Boise Home Prices

The Boise median home price in December came in at $194,000. That is a decline from the $200,000 we saw last month. At this time last year, the median was $185,000.

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