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December, 2015
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Real Estate Market Update November 2015

As expected November brought higher home prices to the Boise Real Estate Market. Major takeaways:

  • The median list price increased to $204,950
  • The median home price increased to $202,450
  • Median Days on market decreased to 17 days
  • Available homes for sale are at decade lows
  • Mortgage rates remain at historic lows

Note: We believe existing homes for sale are the best way to gauge current home prices and real estate market trends. New construction home prices are much more volatile and tend to exaggerate the numbers, particularly on a month to month basis.

Boise Home Prices

The Boise median home price in November came in at $202,450. This is an increase from the YTD median home price of $199,565 and October’s median price of

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Homeowners Associations Friend or Foe

Common now more than ever are homeowner associations. Just in Idaho there are more than 3,000 homeowners’ associations. If you’ve ever found yourself touring adjoining neighborhoods, but one maybe looks more spruced up and well cared for versus the other? Chances are there might be a homeowner association involved.

Ever wonder why in some communities most of the houses are similar colors? Most likely a homeowner association. When looking at home for sale- an HOA can make or break the deal. It’s important to know how these associations work and understand what you’re signing up for when you buy that new home.

What is a Homeowners Association

A homeowners association is just that. When a developer begins building a new community, they usually

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