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April, 2016
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Need A Realtor Buy New Construction Home

I’m not going to tell you the Top 10 Reasons you need a realtor to buy a new home.

What I will do is explain how the sales process works from the builders perspective.

First an important distinction. Buying a new construction home bears little resemblance to purchasing an existing home beyond the fact there’s real estate involved. Not understanding the difference can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Who Does Your Realtor Really Represent?

When buying a new construction home in Idaho, the builder will be represented by a real estate agent 100% time (interesting isn’t). The Realtor has a fiduciary, moral and legal duty to represent their client. In this case the builder. That means getting the builder the best possible sales price and

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Boise Real Estate Market Update Mar 16

The current trend in the Boise real estate market – higher home prices, low inventory of homes and extremely high demand. Boise Idaho real estate is more popular than ever. March housing market summary:

  • The median list price increased to $220,000 (up 1.90% from last year)
  • The median home price increased to $219,950 (up 2.38% from last year)
  • Total home sales increased to 434 (up 8.77% from last year)
  • Median days on market decreased to 15 days (down 42% from last year)
  • Available homes for sale increased slightly to a 1.97 months supply (down 55% from last year)
  • Mortgage rates increased to 3.71 percent ( up .01% from last year)

*Refers to March 2015.

Beginning this month we are we are combing new and existing home statistics

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