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Buying A Home

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new construction or existing home pros cons

With inventory low in many markets, homebuyers are considering new builds more than ever before. But are they right for you?

If you love to watch HGTV, most of the houses you see people hunting are resales--homes that have been built by and owned by other families. Much of the drama in these shows (think House Hunters) derives from the terrible taste in home decor of the previous occupants and whether the new couple can overcome the "hardship" of an ugly paint color or unattractive carpet.

But with many markets across Idaho, and the country, experiencing inventory shortages, it’s becoming harder for buyers to find a home they love in many neighborhoods. That’s why more and more homeowners are turning to new construction. In Boise alone,

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Boise Mid Century Neighborhoods

Between the 1950’s and 1960’s, there was a rebirth of home design that was based on clean lines, functionality, and distinction from eras past. Today home enthusiasts clamor at the chance to be able to own a home with some history and personality with a nod to a bygone era. Boise has distinct pockets and mid-century neighborhoods where these dwellings can be found. Whether you’re looking for a mid-century modern or a classic atomic ranch home we’ve put together the spots where you can find your next gem.

Boise Bench

Country Club Manor (Hillcrest)

The Hillcrest area is a Boise Bench classic and happens to be one of Bench’s most sought after areas. The neighborhood is situated alongside the Hillcrest Country Club which is one of Boise’s premier

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How to Make an offer on a House

Now more than ever a homebuyer needs to know how to make an offer on a home.

In the Boise, Idaho area we are experiencing a shortage of homes for sale and in most parts of the country, this holds true. There just isn’t enough supply to meet demand in most markets. We are at a time when interest rates are still at historic lows and people are more confident in the economy, so we are seeing new buyers hit the market every week.

For those who have already been out searching for their new home, the reality of an inventory shortage means that not only are fewer homes available on the market, but they tend to receive offers quickly and in some cases receive multiple offers.

How Making an Offer on a House Works

So what’s a buyer to do when faced

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Saving for a House Down Payment 5 Savvy Tips

It’s no secret that the cost of rent is on this rise- everywhere.

If you find yourself cringing every time you send out that monthly rent check, chances are the thought of buying a home has crossed your mind at least once. So what’s stopping you? The biggest hurdle people face is the notion that it takes a lot of money to buy a home. Yes, you need some money to buy, but it may not be as much as you think and saving for your down payment may not be as hard as you think.

Here are five easy tips for future home buyers on how to save for a house down payment.

Trim Your Expenses

Take a hard look at everything that comes out of your bank account. It may be scaling back on the satellite package or doing without a couple of lattes every week. It

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Holiday Home Safety Tips

As we cruise towards the Holiday Season here in Boise, calendars will soon be full of parties and celebrations. Many will take to the skies or the roadways to spend time with loved ones. No matter how you will be spending the holidays, we’ve put together a list of must haves and have-nots to keep you and your home from getting burned during this Holiday Season!

Protect Your Goods From Porch Pirates

Shopping online sure beats fighting crowds at the mall. More people are shopping online and having gifts and goodies delivered home more than ever before. Protect your loot from would be porch pirates by scheduling deliveries while home. In cases where that won’t work, opt to have a delivery signed for or ask a neighbor to keep an eye out once your

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Condo Townhome House

When it comes to buying a Boise home, some have visions of the quintessential single-family home, white picket fence and lush lawn. For others, that vision isn’t as appealing.

A condo or townhome, over a traditional single-family home, may be the best option when it comes to making your next purchase. Maybe spending weekends caring for a lawn and other home-related chores isn’t quite what you had in mind. Perhaps you crave a location that puts you close to all the things you love. Then here’s what you need to know about living in a condo or townhome.

What Type of Person Buys Condos and Townhomes?

There’s a simple way of describing living in a condo or townhome- lock it and leave. Let’s face it, people today are busier now than ever. Whether

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Need A Realtor Buy New Construction Home

I’m not going to tell you the Top 10 Reasons you need a realtor to buy a new home.

What I will do is explain how the sales process works from the builders perspective.

First an important distinction. Buying a new construction home bears little resemblance to purchasing an existing home beyond the fact there’s real estate involved. Not understanding the difference can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Who Does Your Realtor Really Represent?

When buying a new construction home in Idaho, the builder will be represented by a real estate agent 100% time (interesting isn’t). The Realtor has a fiduciary, moral and legal duty to represent their client. In this case the builder. That means getting the builder the best possible sales price and

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Real Estate Contract Killers You Need to Know About

Even after a real estate contract is signed, sealed and delivered the deal is far from over.

When buying a home or selling a home- there’s no such thing as a done deal until the transaction is funded and recorded with the county. As real estate agents, we’d love nothing more than to see clients dance their way to the closing table. The reality is that many real estate transactions hit the fan before close. Many times for reasons you might not have thought about.

Idaho is a single contract state. Unlike in some areas, the initial Purchase and Sale Agreement is the only contract that spells out the entire agreement. As a buyer, you are committing yourself before the seller has even seen your offer. As a seller, you can agree to the purchase price

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House Hacking Real Estate

Joe retired from a national technology company at the age of 44. Soon thereafter he spent a year traveling around the world. Europe, the Grand Caymans, Asia and South America.

See, when Joe was 22, he bought a fourplex. He lived in one of the units and rented out the other three. As part of his job, he was frequently transferred. Each time he moved to a new city he bought another fourplex, always keeping the last one and the previous ones he had purchased. By the time Joe was 44 he was a millionaire.

Before I tell you the amazing part, you should know Joe repaired ATMs for a living. He was in no way a jet-set executive. The most he made in any one year was $55,000, including overtime. So how did this average Joe become a millionaire real estate

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Buying a Foreclosed Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

Everything you know about buying a foreclosure is wrong…

Or is it? Perform a basic internet search and most of the information you will find is conflicting and shockingly outdated. Mostly written by people who make a living as writers, with no real experience dealing with actual Boise foreclosures for sale. A look at the facts and the real foreclosure market might surprise you, prepare yourself.

In most parts of the country, home prices seemingly increase by the month. Despite the fact that there are fewer available foreclosures today than there have been in the past few years, there is still very strong interest from buyers considering buying a foreclosure. With the potential to save some hard earned money, it probably doesn’t come as a

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