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Real Estate Market

Boise Home Values

The median sales price for single-family houses in Boise, ID from March 1st to the 31st is $318,900 based on 331 home sales. The average price per square foot for Boise is $187, an increase of 13.34 percent compared to the same time last year. Boise real estate market summary:

  • The median list price increased to $319,900 (up 7.89% from twelve months ago)
  • The median sold price increased to $318,800 (up 6.31% from twelve months ago)
  • Total home sales rose to 331 (down from 377 twelve months ago)
  • Median days on market declined to 10 days (up 3 days from twelve months ago)
  • Available homes for sale rose to a 1.03 months supply (up from 0.87 twelve months ago)
  • 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rates decreased to 4.27% (down from 4.44% twelve months ago)

*Includes both new and existing home sales.

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Boise Real Estate Market Update July 2017

Ada County home prices have increased 11.07 percent over the previous 12 months and now stand at $269,900.

Canyon county prices are up 9.81 percent since last July finishing the month at $185,501. The sixth record in six months.

Nationally home prices are up 5.6 percent with Seattle 13.3%, Portland 8.9% and Denver 7.9% leading the way. (per the Case-Shiller home price index, released July 25th)

Ada values dipped slightly from June to July, with Canyon showing an increase. Both typical for this time of year.

Available homes for sale are at the highest level we have seen this year, but at 1,934 (2.12 months) Ada County inventories are below what we saw this time last year by about 12 percent. Similarly, inventory is down 8.5 percent in

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Summer Brings Hot Temps And Even Hotter Boise Housing Market

Summer brings hot temps and sizzling prices to the Boise area real estate market. Throughout the Treasure Valley, home values saw new highs.

Single-family homes in Ada County hit a new median high of $272,770 breaking the previous record set just last month. The typical property was on the market for 12 days and sold for $2,770 over the asking price. Boise house prices jumped to $254,900 with a low days on market of just 7.

Homes in Canyon County finished the month at $183,000 which is the fifth record high in as many months.

The good news for homebuyers is there are more homes for sale now than at any other time this year. In Ada County alone there 1,930 homes for sale. While below the 2,117 active listing available last June, this

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Boise Real Estate Market Update May 2017

Ada County single-family home prices hit a new high of $261,975 in May. This surpasses the previous record high of $258,445 we set in February of this year. Home prices are up 9.16% since May of 2016.

On average, houses for sale are selling for $700 over list price with a median of 9 days on market.

Active inventory dropped to just 1,786 active listings, down 327 from May of 2016. For some perspective, a 4,000 to 6,000 would be in line with a balanced market based on current home sales.

Boise’s new single-family median home price is $243,450, up from $239,700 the previous high set in February of this year. The typical home sold for $3,450 above list price in May, 101.44% of the price the seller was expecting to receive.

Canyon County prices surpassed

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Boise Real Estate Market Update April 2017

Treasure Valley homes spent fewer days on the market than just about any time in history.

In Boise median days on market fell to just six in April. Throughout the Treasure Valley, it is very much the same story for single-family properties. Ada County days on market dropped to a breathtaking nine from 21 in March. At the same time last year houses were selling in 14 days.

Day on market in Canyon County decreased to 9 in April from 26 the previous month. In April of 2016 homes were selling in 14 days as well.

According to the most recent national data, Denver, CO, and Seattle, WA, are the fastest-selling markets in the country. In both cities, the typical home was under contract in just eight days. The next fastest selling were 13 and 14 median days on

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Boise Real Estate Market Update March 2017

The median price of single-family homes sold in Canyon County in March jumped 12.90 percent over the year to a new record of $175,000. The previous record was set in January of 2007 when home values hit $170,000.

In March of last year, the median Canyon County home price was $155,000.

No matter how you look at it, area home prices are up dramatically. While we have definitely seen a pickup in inventory, we are still much closer to record lows than any type of balanced market.

In Canyon County, the median days on market are 26. In other words, the amount of time between when the property is listed on the market until it goes pending is just under four weeks. Typically it takes an additional 30 to 45 days for the transaction to actually close. The home

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Boise ID Real Estate Market Update February 2017

The median single-family home price in Ada County hit a record $258,445 in February surpassing the previous high of $239,588 set in June of 2016. In February of 2016, the median sale price was $235,000. House prices are up 9.98% over the previous 12 months. The median sales price is up 95.41% since hitting a near-term low in March of 2011.

New construction homes were the most significant driver with prices jumping to $339,970 from $299,985 last year. There just isn't enough new construction being built to fulfill the demand. In 2005 we saw 4,849 new construction homes sell in Ada County. In 2016 only 2,604 were sold.

Resale homes finished the month at $224,500 up from $212,950 in February of 2016.

The lack of available homes for sale is the

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Boise Real Estate Market Update January 2017

Available homes for sale in Boise and throughout Ada and Canyon counties are at record lows. Based on months of inventory, there are just 1.13 months of available homes for sale in Boise. In Ada County, we saw available existing homes for sale drop to 644 in December. In January we saw available homes for sale drop to 561, 44.1% less than in January of 2016.

2017 is bringing little relief to homebuyers. A monthly report doesn’t adequately reflect how quickly properties are selling. Of the 315 homes that listed for sale in January, 174 are either pending or already sold. In other words, they never “appeared as active”. In Ada County that amounted to 673 new listing of which 327 went pending or sold before the end of the month.

March is typically

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Boise Real Estate Market Update December 2016

Boise home values finished 2016 with an 8.76% increase. After hitting a record high in June of $237,600 prices declined slightly in July. For the rest of the year, values remained unchanged to finish the month of December at a median value of $230,000.

At first, that might seem surprising considering the local real estate market is still sizzling. The reality is, the only reason prices aren’t even high is due to the lack of supply. At the beginning of January, Boise had approximately 500 homes for sale. Based on current sales this is the lowest inventory we have seen in nearly ten years.

Homebuyers continued shopping for new houses through November and December with no real slowdown. Rising mortgage interest rates and tight inventory levels being the

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Boise Real Estate Market Update November 2016

Total home sales in Boise for the month of November increased by almost 35% from the same month last year. 35% is a massive increase; the fact that it happened in November is even more astounding. While home prices typically hold steady during the fall months in the Boise, ID the number of homes sold usually drops.

Near record low levels of inventory in October encouraged last-minute shoppers off the sidelines, particularly for those that expected to move into a new home before the Holidays. Buyers that had been looking for an extra bedroom have been more likely to forgo that in exchange for a more budget-friendly price.

Despite the low supply of available Boise homes for sale, buyers have been benefiting from historically low mortgage interest rates.

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Boise Real Estate Market Update October 2016

Boise Real Estate Market

The median sales price for homes in Boise from Oct 1st to Oct 31st is $229,900 based on 425 home sales. The average price per square foot for Boise is $144, an increase of 11.63% compared to the same time last year. October 2016 housing market summary:

  • The median list price decreased to $229,999 in October (up 9.03% from 12 months ago)
  • The median home price increased to $229,900 in October (up 9.94% from 12 months ago)
  • Total home sales decreased to 420 in October (up 3.96% from 12 months ago)
  • Median days on market decreased to 13 days in October (down 8 days from 12 months ago)
  • Available homes for sale decreased to a 1.58 months supply in October (down 7.61% from 12 months ago)
  • 30-year mortgage rates
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