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7 Holiday Home Safety Tips: Don’t Get Burned by the Holidays!

Posted by Lisa Kohl on Monday, November 14th, 2016 at 7:50am

Holiday Home Safety Tips

As we cruise towards the Holiday Season here in Boise, calendars will soon be full of parties and celebrations. Many will take to the skies or the roadways to spend time with loved ones. No matter how you will be spending the holidays, we’ve put together a list of must haves and have-nots to keep you and your home from getting burned during this Holiday Season!

Protect Your Goods From Porch Pirates

Shopping online sure beats fighting crowds at the mall. More people are shopping online and having gifts and goodies delivered home more than ever before. Protect your loot from would be porch pirates by scheduling deliveries while home. In cases where that won’t work, opt to have a delivery signed for or ask a neighbor to keep an eye out once your packages are delivered.

Don’t Get Too Roasted

Cooking mishaps are one of the leading causes of house fires. Don’t get caught off guard. Most of us are not culinary blessed and let’s face it- accidents happen. Having an extinguisher ready and close by will help prevent would be accidents from getting out of hand. For the record, don’t just buy an extinguisher- learn how to properly use it. If time spent in the kitchen sounds daunting all on its own, opt for dining out altogether.

Christmas Tree Inferno

There’s something to be said for the smell of a fresh cut pine tree! The downside is trees are sometimes cut weeks in advance and start drying out immediately. Think of it as the ultimate fire starter. Your tree should be watered daily, which will keep the drying out at bay and help it live longer. Avoid placing it near any heat sources such as your fireplace, furnace or vents. Anything that can act as an igniter. Speaking of which, after trees, candles are the number one source of decoration fires. Mainly due to being left unattended.

Don’t Overload Electrical

Great exterior décor is enough to put you in the holiday spirit. Making sure your lighting connections are safe can help prevent overloading electrical outlets and tripping circuit breakers. Too many strands of lights or lawn ornaments can easily overload one outlet so making sure the electrical is evenly distributed is key. Check your light strings for any frayed or exposed pieces prior to installing.

Get Your Chimney Cleaned

Nothing beats the sounds of a crackling log in the fireplace when it’s cold outside. Performing a quick visual inspection of your chimney and having it swept yearly is a must. Chimney sweeps are one of the cheapest and most effective ways of preventing chimney fires which can be catastrophic to a home.

Grinch Proof Your Home When Traveling

Millions of people travel away from home during the holiday season. Don’t get caught off guard. Leaving for days at a time can leave your home a potential target for Grinch-like burglars. Making sure exterior foliage is cut back from your Boise home for solid sightlines. Automatic light timers placed strategically throughout your home give the illusion that someone may be home.

Experts say having a radio on to mimic voices inside is another reliable way to thwart would-be burglars. Last but not least- enlist neighbors to help keep an eye out on your place while you’re gone.

Keep Bringing the Heat

In Idaho, data from the Allstate Insurance company shows the third most common holiday-related increase in claims is due to frozen pipes. Winter months equal winter temperatures. Prevent frozen pipes in your home! Keeping your thermostat set at least 55 degrees while you’re away will help prevent this.

It’s tempting to save on power bills while you’re away but frozen pipes that burst is no funny business. This may sound nutty, but opening up the cabinets where your plumbing is located, underneath a sink or vanity will help keep airflow moving too! Plus, keeping a steady temperature in your home will prevent you from coming back to an igloo once you return.

What are your best Holiday Home Safety Tips?

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