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Boise, Idaho is full of hidden, and not so hidden, treasures just waiting to be discovered. The beauty about the search, however, is that you don’t even need a map. This hometown navigation system is most effective by simply getting out and doing.

From music festivals to downtown farmers markets, newcomers can easily find the qualities they’re looking for in their new hometown.

There’s a contagious enthusiasm in the greater Boise area. It’s shared by many people who are investing the time, money and energy into making this city an even better place to live and work.

Even to the non-local, the community’s commitment to fostering cultural, economic and business growth is obvious. Greater Boise is a comfortable, encouraging kind of place where you can have faith in a bright future.

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Low Costs for Business and Living

  • The overall cost of doing business is nearly a third lower than in California and Washington.
  • The cost of living in Boise is 96 percent of the national average.
  • The average cost of a home is approximately $494,000 in Ada County and $397,000 in Canyon County.

Boise Weather and Climate

  • Elevation: 2,730 feet
  • Annual days of sun: 234
  • Annual precipitation: 12.1 inches
  • Annual snowfall: 21.4 inches
  • Average high temp in July: 90.2 F; average low temp in January: 21.6 F
  • Average afternoon humidity: 43%